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Villas and Palace


Villa Puccini
The villa has an articulated base and consists of a "piano nobile" and a basement which is taken up by utility rooms and by the Maestro's study. The main façade, which faces onto via Buonarotti, is characterised by a forepart which consists of an open veranda portico with stone pillars and wooden chancel screens to which access is gained by way of a double ramped monumental staircase. The façades are characterised by a face in facing brick which frames a series of depressed arch doors and windows with architraves and archivaults. The north and east-facing façades are adorned in the crowning attic fascia with panels made of polished ceramic gres depicting masks and raised decorative features.

Villa Argentina
Both for its architecture and for its handmade decoration, Villa Argentina can be considered as the most important expression of the Modernist style, not only in Viareggio but all throughout Versilia. Galileo Chini's ceramics, which are characterised by Modernist decoration, adorn its façades. As a matter of fact, the villa exhibits one of the greatest examples of ceramics destined for architecture which were produced by the Chini kilns in Borgo San Lorenzo. The crowning fascias below the eaves are formed by panels made of different types of tiles. Secession style chequered motifs frame cupids bearing vegetable wealth which alternate with stylized designs of orientalized "trees of happiness". Its decorative style, even as far as the colours are concerned, recalls the traditional Florentine Renaissance majolica motifs, an important point of reference for the Chini "Arte della Ceramica" production. In the internal lounge on the ground floor a large painted cloth triptych covers the entire wall.

Villa Nistri
Realised in 1912 by Professor Enrico Nistri, the building constitutes the most accomplished and important example in the town of architecture inspired by strictly oriental themes. An angular tower, whose battlemented silhouette refers directly to the image of an Egyptian minaret, stands out against the rectangular based building of articulated volumetric composition. The façades, which are decorated with two coloured fascias featuring a rich repertoire of decorative and epigraphic motifs, declare a contamination with Islamic art. The façades are articulated to varying degrees and don't have a compositive hierarchy; double and single lancet windows with decorated intrados are alternated to the side of the entrance loggia. On the first floor the single lancet windows are alternated with rectangular windows which are decorated with arabesque motifs. The other façade is animated by the effect of the volumes which tend to accentuate its height with the tower which has triple lancet windows. The minute detail of the Islamic repertoires can be seen on the built-in panels, the moulding, the crowning decoration of the building, in the use of colours, on the wooden corbels which support the projecting parts, on the balconies, in the decorations on the surrounding wall, in the wrought iron and in the complex effect of the profiles and materials. The villa is a private property and cannot be visited inside.

Villa Il Guscio
The construction was part of a more articulated project which incorporated three small villas designed by Oreste Lenci, a master builder from Viareggio, in 1914. The structure, which is built on a lot longer than it is wide, has a façade which is characterised by an accentuated vertical development which is created by the juxtaposition of simple volumes (a balustrade and a window with a tympanum). It is characterised by a vertical structure which incorporates architectonic and decorative features as it rises. Features characteristic of Liberty style can be traced in the crowning tympanum: naturalistic moulding, railing decoration and the motif of the feminine protonomes become the pretext which joins the facing and the projecting gables. The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.


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